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It’s a big crazy world…

And sometimes, writing about consumer goods and luxury travel allows us to escape our lives, our problems, and the real tragedies going on in the world.

Our goal is to show our readers how to take the jaunt wisely so that we may fully appreciate the vast cultural, biological, and political landscapes around us, by finding at least 50 problems within 50 days and coming up with a profound solutions that can shake the world… or the community.



Experience extravagance, but always break bread with the locals. Give as much back to the world as you take from it.



Instead of collecting more unnecessary items, concentrate on the goods and services that allow you to feel ‘just right’.



And last, but never least… tread light.


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The Big Problems

We go about solving problems and making impact in the society.

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December 24, 2019

The Real Trouble of Every Business Startups

Opening a business can be exciting and crazily rewarding, but it might be somewhat complicated, and may well challenge us in many ways that we had not first imagined. Being acquainted with the problems...

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December 14, 2019

Fun Fact: Enhance Your Health and Creativity by Traveling

We all feel overworked and under pressure to do more at times. Thus, you and I can justify why we beg off from that dream vacation to complete our allotted work. After all, the...

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