Fun Fact: Enhance Your Health and Creativity by Traveling

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December 14, 2019 | | Blog |

We all feel overworked and under pressure to do more at times. Thus, you and I can justify why we beg off from that dream vacation to complete our allotted work.

After all, the unemployment rate is surging every day due to the economic downturn. In fact, statistics show that there are 429 million vacation days, which have not been used in America. That means we don’t take our vacation days since we want to do more.

On the other hand, forgoing my vacation days has extremely negative effects on me. These effects are stress overload and increased anxiety levels. Thus, my performance and productivity are likely to decrease with time.

However, taking time off to travel to new places can boost our brainpower, improve mental and physical health, as well as increase our creativity levels.

Let’s see how it does that…

Traveling Enhances Health

The reason why you and I take time off work is to break from our routine. The break allows us to visit a new place, thus completely different environment from what we are accustomed to.

As a result, our thinking changes; hence the level of anxiety and stress drops. This decreases the amount of strain in our hearts.

The feeling is likely to continue a few more weeks after we return home from the travel.

Travel time is the moment to explore and stroll through the hiking trails and markets, not forget lounging the beach, as we enjoy the striking views and breathing in the fresh air.


Even if we spend a few hours on a tour bus, that amount of time is incomparable with the number of hours we sit in the office or at home watching TV.

Further, the entire experience of planning, getaway, and returning home makes us happy, thus improving our overall well-being. For instance, I enjoy planning my itinerary, packing my new outfits, as well as discussing with my family and friends about my upcoming trip.

Traveling Boosts Our Creativity

I only think about commuting to and from work, my workload, or the latest gossip I heard at the water cooler. These few items limit my brain’s ability to expand or be inspired.

However, when we travel, we’re able to have new and exciting experiences to share with others. The new sights, smell, and sounds spark the creativity synapses in our brain, as well as revitalize our minds.

For instance, traveling improves a writers’ capacity, since it exposes them to new and diverse cultures, which help them produce in-depth literature.

Further, visiting another state or country provides us with the chance to taste exotic foods, make friends with the locals, visit notable landmarks, or even climb a mountain.

Traveling takes you out of your daily life that hampers the natural creativity. When we leave home, we meet new people, visit new places, and see a new type of lifestyle. They all arouse our talent and give us fresh creative ideas.

We are then able to implement these new ideas and experiences at our home or workplace, thus improving our lives and that of our loved ones and colleagues.

This exposure will inspire and move our creative abilities to another height. Therefore, traveling will not only make us creative and healthier, but also happier.

Now that we all know traveling is essential, we don’t want to wait for that time when the doctor tells us to travel periodically. We want to start our journey now. However, where should we visit?

Wonderful Places to Visit

Think of Paris’s iconic attractions such as the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and le Marais, as well as snacking on the street crepes or meandering the awe-inspiring arrondissements.

Think of the picturesque beaches, luxurious resorts, lush jungles, and dormant volcano in Bora Bora. Also think about the challenge of hiking Mount Otemanu, as well as relaxing at Matira Beach which offers soft sand and crystal clear water.


he stunning Persian Gulf views in Dubai, the historic landmarks, and heart-pumping activities in Dubai await us. What about the four-day hike in Machu Picchu along the Inca Trail, or the get a ride on the tourist train to the base of the mountain?

Other places are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ethiopia, Hawaii, Finland, and Sri Lanka, among others.

Over to You

Let’s begin planning for our vacation. Start booking tickets for some of the destinations in your bucket list.

Pack your passport and bags. Your mind will be absorbed in the creativity as well as the stress-free aura from that vacation.

Let’s not feel guilty of utilizing our 429 million vacation days, for we know that traveling will boost our health and enhance our creativity.

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