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Geke van Dijk, Partner, STBY, Amsterdam
  • PS:
    Do we see enough criticism and conversation in the design industry to discuss what the limitations of our fields are?
  • GVD:

    I’m a critical person – so I’d always like more. However, in the Service Design industry there are a lot of early pioneers and these are the kind of people who like to share. Those are the curious people who jump into the opportunities but really we’re making it up as we go and you’re aware of that. We do good work, but you realise its better to share and to learn something.

    There can be more debate – but all of us tend to be busy so that’s why we organise things like the Service Design Network. On the other hand we should not be over critical – we should be aware it is a young field and there is a lot of finding out, making do and getting by and there are no text books. If you cut things short, things won’t grow – so there needs to be room for experimentation.

    I also see in the discussion as part of the Service Design Network that sometimes people can get a little bit over excited. So, they’re trained in art school and they’re a smart person so you can think and do design. However some start thinking “I can solve everything for my clients” – and this is a little bit naïve. But that might be a spur of the moment thing for design in response to the excitement of being invited to do new kinds of strategic thinking. But basically you’re working on a project for an organisation. We are not the owners so we shouldn’t over estimate.

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