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Design has the power to

Justin Maguire, Executive Creative Director, Ken Frederick, Associate Creative Director and Rosie Isbell, Visual Designer Frog, Munich
  • PS:
    What does design have the power to do?
  • KF:

    Design has the power to simplify. It can make things more accessible, whether that be storytelling or bringing things down to a human scale. It doesnít have to be lofty. It could be helping you tell the story of hunger in Africa but think about what Dieter Rams did for Braun Ė thereís beauty in that.

  • PS:
    Why is it design can partner with other disciplines?
  • KF:

    Itís because Ďdesigní doesnít mean anything. Whenever someone asks me what I do I say ďIím a designerĒ. They ask me what kind and I say ďI donít know! Depends on the project.Ē Iím not perfect at everything but I can have a hand in a lot of different things. I think its that observational nature which manifests in different people in different ways. I think thatís why we can partner with different people, because itís a term that doesnít mean anything. The meaning comes from what it gets attached to. Itís like tofu. You add the ingredients and thatís what it tastes of Ė thatís what design is. Thatís why we can work with these things.


    Itís also the skill of being able to see both the big picture and at the same time the minute detail and piece these together. In design youíve got to be a good storyteller and thatís why.

I'm on an adventure - to explore the limits of design's ability to solve social problems, big and small. To do this I attempted to solve 50 problems in 50 days using design. I also spent time with 12 of Europe's top design firms.